Digital Event – Medieval Apothecary

May 1, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
At Home!
Blythe Paterson
Digital Event - Medieval Apothecary @ At Home!

Come along to another virtual event, this time with the castle Apothecary. Over a Zoom meeting, we’ll discuss the job of the apothecary, along with learning about some common medieval remedies – all before making a potion together!

For this activity you will need:

-A bowl and spoon (to use as a mortar and pestle)
– Small flowers or plant leaves (Meant to mimic water pepper – I’ll be using baby’s breath but any flower/leaves even herbs will do, so long as it’s ‘plant-y’)
– A spice, preferably red or brown (I’ll be using cumin which is what the original recipe called for, but really any ground/powdered spice will do!)
– Something slimy (I’ll be using shampoo, anything slightly goopy and slimy will do!)
– “Pee” (I’ll be using water with vinegar and food colouring, but anything will do – orange juice, apple juice, vinegar, even just plain water if you have nothing else).

This activity is most suitable for ages 6+ and is usually just a little bit messy, so no brand new clothes!

Spaces are limited, so please email Blythe at to sign up and get the meeting code!