Auchans Memories – We Need Yours!

Hello all! Our Education Officer, Blythe, needs your help!

As you may have seen, we started a series on the history of Dundonald Castle (and its descendants) on our new YouTube Channel. This series will include videos on both Old and New Auchans, and to complete these, we’d like to ask for your help!

We’re seeking the stories/memories/thoughts/pictures of anyone who remembers the existence of New Auchans House, (demolished around 1970).

These can be in any form – written, video, or audio, or if you have any photos of the building or the area, these would also be greatly appreciated!!

If you have any experiences or memories of the building that you would be willing to share with me, please either email Blythe at

Memories can be made anonymously if you’d prefer.

Thank you, everyone, in advance for all of your help!

Link to our YouTube Channel here:

Alternatively, you can leave your memories in our comment box below 👇

What are your Auchan’s Memories?