Troon Locality Decides on Saturday 25th February

Dundonald Castle Community Heritage Project

It’s a big day for our Community Heritage Project Team on Saturday. We’ve been laying the groundwork for the Heritage Project since last year, and this is the moment when we tell you all about it!

We’ve got the right people involved, created a new website, researched funding, consulted members of our community and local government, and have been in constant communication with Historic Environment Scotland, professional archaeologists and schools.

We’re convinced that we can build an amazing Heritage Centre at Dundonald. We have a vision of school groups, students, academics, families and groups – all coming to enjoy our unique site and gaining opportunities through their Heritage. It’s what keeps us going when coffee isn’t enough!

Buried Treasure

In the 1980’s, archaeologists found evidence of Iron Age round houses and a Norman style fortress – directly below the current one.

We believe there is a treasure trove of secrets sitting there, waiting to be discovered – and we’re not alone in our efforts! There have been truly exciting recent finds this week, brought up by our moles, and supporting our theories!

Saturday 25th February

This Saturday, we are pitching at Troon Locality Decides in the Walker Hall, Troon. Registration is from 10.00-10.50 am, with pitches starting at 11.00am.

We have 2 minutes to ask for funds for a ‘Dig It at Dundonald’ ‘picnic’, before there is a public vote from the audience.

We want this two-day event, in June, to convey the potential of our Project. It follows a state-of-the-art geophysical survey, and we’re sure you’ll leave as excited as we are, with budding archaeologists!

With luck, the endorsement that this funding will give us, will be invaluable. It represents the faith of our community and will add crucial weight to future applications for major funding. Come along and help, if you can – this is for all of us. We need you!