As The Crow Flies

Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland from Love Exploring Scotland on Vimeo.

Previously, we told you all about the wonderful Dawn-Marie Wyllie and her blog, ‘Love Exploring Scotland’. Here’s the video footage that we mentioned, taken by Dawn-Marie’s fiance, Alan.

The Lie of the Land

We think it’s a wonderfully atmospheric view of the Castle and we can’t thank them enough for letting us have it to share. As the drone flies over the Castle, you really get a sense of shape of the landscape and the archaeology of the site. Over 3000 years of human settlement have been concentrated around our hill and the physical evidence is all there, although we don’t fully understand it yet.

Excavation time

The results of the geophysical survey, undertaken in March, have been shared with key staff at the Castle and we’re so excited for excavations to begin in September. What will we find? Will it be more evidence of the 13th century Norman fortess, built by Walter Stewart? Will it be further evidence of The Iron Age – or something completely new?

What’s your theory?

We’re all part of the living history of this very special place – let us know your opinion. History is all a question of interpretation, even among the experts, so don’t be shy, let your imagination loose and let us know what you think we might discover!