Archaeology Begins In Dundonald

Photograph of the Week

We hope you like our featured photograph this week, of a spring picnic from the Victorian era. Castle Hill looks so familiar, but with a few differences – can you spot them? We wonder what our well-dressed ancestors would make of our archaeological efforts in Dundonald this year!

Project Update

Our Community Heritage Project is off to a flying start, thanks to a generous contribution of £3000, from ‘Troon Locality Decides’, last Saturday. We are now able to plan a fantastic launch weekend in June, with engaging activities and warm hospitality for everyone!

As a community, we’re on a very exciting and fast-moving journey, so we aim keep you up to date through our blog and social media. We promise these updates will never be dull!

Get Ready for Geophysics

At the moment, we’re looking forward to a state-of-the-art geophysical survey, starting on Monday 6th March and running for approximately 7 days. During the week, we’ll be involving as many schoolchildren as we can in STEM based learning sessions,  and welcoming the rest of the community on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th.

Due to the technology involved in the survey, results will be quick, and we want to share them with you! We’ll also be holding lots more events to involve you and celebrate our shared heritage, as we approach excavations in the summer. We appreciate how excited everyone is, and just how much interest we have from budding historians and archaeologists of all ages, wanting to know more about our special place in Scotland’s past.

Dundonald Detectives

We’ve also asked our Project archaeologist, Marcia Cook, to give us an update on a regular basis. This will be in the form of  our ‘A Dundonald Detective’s Diary’ posts. Look out for them and, we hope you’ll agree just how lucky we are to have her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience.

We’re pretty sure our Victorian villagers would be amazed at what we’re about to do, and we’d like to think they would approve!